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These projects, below, are hosted on this website, but are not available through a menu.  They are stand-alone activities, accessed by the involved people.

Website Design & Hosting

Since 1998, we specialized in developing small to moderate sized, crisp, attractive, economical and effective websites. 


In 2017 we retired, giving our customers 6 months' warning and helping them transition to other web designers and hosts.​  A number of clients switched  to WIX, and we continue to provide maintenance and support for them.

New customers . . . we are pleased to work with the occasional friend, non-profit, etc.  However, we are not actively seeking new web projects.  

If you need to contact us, please call Evans at 403 796-2523.

Under Development


This is a non-profit pet project, under development, that will provide a quite comprehensive listing of Calgary senior housing options, searchable by a variety of criteria.  

Currently down due to a change in servers, the site should be up again in 2018.


The PNME (Pre-Clinical Networked Medical Education Project) is a joint effort by the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary.  The objective is to enable the Family Medicine programs to be delivered, using distance education, in smaller urban and rural communities. 


On completion, the full Family Medicine MD program will be delivered in Grande Prairie and district--as well as other communities throughout the Province.

My task is to coordinate the local communities, who are providing the Pilot Project students with hospitality, social connections, and assistance in learning about and integrating into Grande Prairie and surrounding areas.  

The partners are:  Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce, Grande Prairie Regional College, the County of Grande Prairie, and the G5 (5 municipalities) north of Grande Prairie.

Little Critters

This for two to four year olds (more or less, and siblings welcome).

The emphasis is on developing regular, consistent playmates that are happy, kind, social critters that just want to have fun. 


It is old-school--the kids are in charge of their own fun--with Mom, Dad, Grama, Grampa, Aunt, Uncle, etc. just a hug away. 

We meet about 3 times a week, and families come when it is convenient for them.  Typically, 3 to 8 kids show up.


Most times we have a Pot Luck Picnic--the kids love it and it helps form bonds that show up later when they are playing.  And they need the snack--they can work up a sweat!

After some time playing, we set up a Pot Luck Picnic, (in the summer under some shade trees).  This pulls the kid away from the equipment and then they start playing more together. And they have been wildly creative in what they choose to do!


In the Winter, we rotate between Fish Creek Public Library, Kyle Shewfelt Gym, and First Alliance Treehouse, and then, once a week, we try out a variety of other indoor locations.

In the Summer, we go to South Calgary parks and other locations, where the kids can kick a soccer ball, play tag, run around, play T-Ball, go exploring, throw a few rocks into the Elbow at Sandy Beach, play tug-of-war, and blow some bubbles.  It is just old-school messing around--unstructured play time outdoors in the sun.

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