What is Little Critters All About

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Othewise, if you found this website, someone in Little Critters thought you had a neat kid. Welcome!



Little Critters (2 to 5 year olds, more or less, and siblings particularly welcome) is intended to provide happy, social, friendly toddlers and preschoolers with an opportunity to play together in an unstructured way, with a fairly consistent group of friends--with their parent or grandparent, etc “just a hug away”. You know, old-school play groups--making real friends. Plus, some adult conversation!

We are changing a bit, as some of the older Critters have baby brothers and sisters.  We are coordinating with another group, that meets usually on Thursday mornings, for the Little Critters in Training.  (They do not have a name yet--I call them Remi & Co.)


At this time there are about 12 families involved.  We use WhatsApp, on our cell phones, to organize ourselves. Most locations are free of charge.


What We Have Learned

We found that, with young 'uns, family schedules are complicated. Most events are very flexible--there is no "being late". We usually meet:

  • for regular get-togethers on Wednesdays (12:30 - 3:00) and Thursdays from about 9:00 to 11:30. It’s pretty relaxed, most events are set up so you can arrive and leave--whenever works for you, and,

  • for impromptu activities planned a day or two before, and

During the Fall, Winter, and early Spring, with so many of the Critters going to playschool and such, afternoons seems to be the most convenient time for older Critters, younger Critters in the mornings.  Most events have between 3 and 8 critters, plus their "support staff" (that is you).


In the summer, there is a major drop off in participation--family vacations, people visiting, busy life with less routine--it's summer! (Some days during stampede week can be a write off!) So, we do a bit of a recruitment blitz!


The Pot Luck picnics, about an hour into the get-together, are a big hit. The kids seem to have a stronger connection with each other, and play more with each other--after they eat with each other! (Some of the kids even don't want to eat at home, as they really like the picnic.  Sorry about that!) Our Critters are developing very nice relationships.

If you are coming, please confirm using WhatsApp before the event. It helps everybody.

A Normal Week’s Activities


In the Summer, weather permitting, about twice a week we go to a variety of South Calgary City Parks, 



In the Winter, we meet about twice a week, going to:


And We Roam Around Occasionally

Think of it as Little Critters With A GPS. We go to: new parks, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics, throw stones into the Elbow River, Telus Spark, The Granary, Calgary Zoo, Italian Food Shop for a private Toddler Tasting, a Fire Hall, Birthday Parties, etc. Just random fun stuff.


PLEASE! Freely use the WhatsApp to tell other members what you have going on, and invite them. For example, we have had some terrific Birthday Parties. And sharing tips about community events or resources is really appreciated. If you are unsure about doing this, give me a call! (Evans, 403 796-2523)

The Awkward Stuff


Toddlers need to be and feel safe. And they are here to get some exercise, have fun, develop social skills, and make friends. So:

  • no physical aggression, such as pushing, hitting, unwelcome wrestling to the ground, etc.

  • no relational/verbal aggression, such as bullying, organized excluding, etc.

Phew! Glad that is over with!

How to Join

New members, please install WhatsApp on your parents, or grandparents, cell phone.

Then create a contact for “Benny’s Grampa Evans” at 403 796-2523.


And then, using the contact, send me a WhatsApp message, giving your name in this format:


Kids Name Relationship Your Name

Benny’s Grampa Evans


Benny & Daniels Grampa Evans)


Best wishes!


403 796-2523

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